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Soul Boomers was created to inspire and empower fellow baby boomers who need to recreate their lives as we move into this unknown territory called retirement of the yesteryear. The Paradigm has shifted, most of us will need to work through our retirement in some way. Feel free to share your insights, your business and any way we can help!
We are looking to create great areas covering all subjects near and dear to the heart of Baby Boomers who have a SOUL including but not limited to:
Health Benefits
Exercise choice for Boomers
Travel in Boomer groups
Education - new style
Lifestyle changes
Still ticking off the Bucket List
Finances - loans into your 80's
Sea Changes - live anywhere
Living with Kids
New Business opportunities
Working in a new way from the heart
Volunteering at home or far off lands
Dating sites - which are the best?
New Partners
Sex Life changes- how does it become so good??
Tantra and new tricks
Recruitment opportunities for Boomers
Our Facebook group at Soul Boomers is already full of amazing Boomers from Investment Bankers, Real Estate Brokers, IT Gurus. Academics, RN's (Nurses) Philanthropists and so much more..........let's help each other create the year of 2016 like no other.
It is the Year of the Auspicious Monkey, the time to really achieve!! paragraph here.

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